Social Media Police

Intensive Police Social Media Training – High caliber instruction,
candid discussions, computer labs, videos, cool-tech & more.

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Social Media Police Training In Greenwood, Indiana

4-day ‘Master Social Media Officer’ – Certification

Sept.19-22, 2022
Greenwood Police Dept.
Greenwood (Indy), Indiana

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Social Media Police Training

Intensive Police Social Media Training – High caliber instruction,
candid discussions, computer labs, videos, cool-tech & more.


  • Police Social Media tricks, secrets & pitfalls
  • Building an audience that has your back
  • Handling a social media crisis
  • News or Noise:A candid opinion
  • LIVE! Facebook, IG Live, YouTube–Reality check!
  • When to respond & when to just “shut-up”
  • Brand & Image management
  • Fake! Posts, videos, pages, sites, images &news
  • Developing your dept’s voice & message
  • Is our social media policy legal or landfill?–Court ruling
  • Video, visuals& content on a budget
  • and more…

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Police branding and image management

Police branding and image management is not something that most law enforcement agencies have given much consideration until now. News and social media coverage of police activities and situations has put a spotlight on law enforcement and impacted the overall perception of policing. It is important that police, sheriff and other public safety agencies recognize they are a brand and in many ways a business. We are already aware of well-known law enforcement brands like FBI, NYPD, Chicago PD, LAPD, etc. It seems strange, since police and sheriff’s departments are a not for-profit business, but it’s time to think more about your brand and how it is perceived. When someone sees a police officer, sheriff’s deputy, wildlife game & fish agent, etc., they often already have a perception or feelings toward them. If you ask most people, they’re more than happy to share their feelings good, bad or indifferent.

Social Media Police Consultation

PHOENIX – Social Media Police Consulting is needed now more than ever. Let’s face it, most police, sheriff’s and other law enforcement agencies are 1 sentence away from a police social media disaster    — police departments and  are front and center in the digital age. iOS & Android apps, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn, texting, sexting…. frankly, it’s a little mind-numbing. Every action a police officer performs on or off-duty can be recorded, photographed, posted and scrutinized before anyone knows what happened.

The question is, who can help you and your agency navigate the wave of Police Social Media? The answer is,Chris Ryan. Mr. Ryan provides real-world Police Social Media & Police Media Relations training and consulting services to law enforcement agencies worldwide. It’s a specialty and rare in the world of public relations consulting.

Chris Ryan consults with law enforcement agencies in developing internal and external communications, social media programs, technology, brand, social media policies, etc. He also prepares agencies for difficult situations and how to mitigate damage to your department’s reputation, without appearing defensive or secretive.

He’ll let you know what to expect, point out weak spots or things you might’ve missed and help you bolster them And most importantly helps you stay calm and in control of the situation.

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Social Media Police Training - Instrcutor: Chris Ryan - Trial TV Scene

Instructor CHRIS RYAN

A well-rounded and diverse background in international business, law enforcement, municipal courts, radio and television, give Mr. Ryan tremendous insight into his work and communications with clients and the news media. He speaks 3 languages and brings a wealth of knowledge, street smarts and instincts to each project that he undertakes.

Mr. Ryan is president of Ryan & Assoc. Public Relations, a Phoenix, Arizona based communications firm providing expert counsel to a variety of private, corporate and government clients worldwide. The firm is dedicated to the management of crisis and other high profile situations across the globe since 1990. Mr. Ryan continues to be in high demand as a media relations consultant, trainer and speaker.

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